Rebuilding My Devotional Life in Christ Jesus

John 12

Then Mary took a pound of very costly oil of spikenard, anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped His feet with her hair. And the house was filled with the fragrance of the oil.
(John 12:3 KJV)


One character in the bible who understood the act of worship was Mary. She understood that worship must be costly and should involve one’s whole being. After Mary had anointed Jesus’ feet with her costly oil, she wiped His feet with her hair. It is said that a woman’s glory is her hair. Mary’s act then means she humbled herself and laid down her glory for our Lord Jesus’ glory. The Bible says the fragrance of her oil filled the house. Our worship requires more than singing and lifting up our hands. It also involves our service, substance, and labor in the Lord. The Bible says this will not go unrewarded.  Mary was rewarded for her selfless act of worship. Assuredly, I say to you, wherever this gospel is preached in the whole world, what this woman has done will also be told as a memorial to her” Matthew 26:13 NKJV. If your worship is not costly, does not include your all, and the worship’s fragrance does not fill the heavens, then you have not worshiped enough.


Heavenly Father, incline my heart to you and teach me to bring you daily befitting worship. In Jesus’ name. Amen


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John 12