Rebuilding My Devotional Life in Christ Jesus

John 6

John 6: 26-27, 29, 32-33


Believing In Him

Many people did not believe in Jesus even after all of his miracles and works. When he fed the five thousand, people began to follow him because of what they could receive from him to satisfy their earthly needs. But Jesus challenged the people to look beyond their earthly needs and desire the things that would fulfill their spiritual needs—Jesus himself. Though this was hard for the people to accept and understand, Jesus was aware of the need for spiritual food even more than physical food. What hindered them from receiving the Bread of Life, was their lack of belief in him. Though Jesus had done many works to validate who he was as the Son of God, still the people did not believe in Him. This applies to us as believers today. Many times God will show Himself to us in our lives yet we do not wholeheartedly believe in Him. If we do not believe in Him we cannot receive the nourishment of our spirits. Without spiritual nourishment we will be blinded by the desires of our flesh and forego what God truly wants to give us.


Father, please forgive my unbelief.  I want to believe in you in my heart, not only in my mind. I have seen all you have done in my life and I know that you are my savior and my God.  Help my heart to believe in you and who you are to me.


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John 6