Rebuilding My Devotional Life in Christ Jesus

John 5

John 5:19-21 ; 30


Nothing Without the Christ

Throughout this chapter, Jesus highlights continuously that He does nothing without the Father and only has the power that the Father has given Him. Jesus recognizes that even His power is connected to the Father and He only does what he has seen the Father do. Because he knew of the power the Father had entrusted to him, he was able to use it, as we can see in this chapter through the story of the man at the pool of Bethesda. As believers we have been given the opportunity to know God and His power through Christ. We have been connected to him through his death and resurrection through which we have received our salvation. When we are not connected to him, we do not know how much power has been given to us and how to utilize it to fulfill the purposes of God on the earth. Christ is the model that we have been given to follow just as Christ followed the Father. When we fix our focus on the ways of Christ, we will begin to understand all that God has placed inside of us—as we will only do as we have seen Christ do.


Father, thank you for your word. Thank you for placing your power in me and giving us Christ. Help me to focus on the ways and heart of Christ so that I understand the power you have given me. Amen.


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John 5